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PIE Shop is a manufacturing-focused incubator and community facility located in Portland’s Central Eastside with the goal of getting IoT products from concept to their first 1,000 units. Our goal is build the next generation of IoT companies here in Portland.

Autodesk, Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE) and Uncorked Studios are collaborating on an advanced manufacturing and prototyping incubator to fuel the next generation of product companies here in Portland, OR.

The program, called the PIE Shop, will pair product experts at Autodesk with a diverse set of entrepreneurs to offer resources around design, business strategy, manufacturing and product development.

Portfolio Companies

PDX Women in Tech

Established in 2012, we are a community-based non-profit organization. Our purpose is to strengthen the Portland women in tech community by offering: educational programs, partnerships, mentorships, resources and opportunities.

Bip (

Bip is a small format connected device designed to be worn by residents of assisted living facilities as a means of opening lines of communication among between residents, staff, and family, and providing critical data points that inform other assisted living management solutions.

Foundry Collaborative

The team who built the Adidas connected ball has spun off from the apparel company to continue to innovate on the technology they created. They will serve as both a PIE Shop company and mentors in residence for the other companies in the space.

CMD Sense (

CMD Sense uses a variety of connected devices and other tools to gather outdoor and indoor data in cities in order to help transform cities into a place that benefits all urban citizens. Their first product modernizes surveying by leveraging connected devices to create more accurate measurements.

Dorsum (

Carrying unsupported weight puts strain on the back, increasing the risk for injury. Dorsum has designed and are developing the AdaptiveSpine™, a spinal exoskeleton and supportive device that transfers weight and stress to the hips. The product, inspired by first responders, is being tested by AMR, which is located next door to Autodesk Portland.

Portland IQ

A Public Private Partnership formed when Portland's rapidly maturing  higher-ed anchor institutions recognized that shared goals, overlapping constituencies, close proximity, increasing community investment, and complementary real-estate development projects presented a rare opportunity for collaboration — collaboration that would provide exponentially more value as a combined effort than it would as individual projects.

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