What is PDXStartups.org?

PDXstartups.org is designed to be a startup ecosystem hub for Portland, that aims to make our metrics transparent and searchable by aggregating the events, people, startups, and resources in our startup community.

In time, as we add more information to the online hub, we will be able to:

  • provide more tangible metrics on Portland’s startup growth
  • encourage cross-sector collaboration between startups
  • showcase diversity in our founder community
  • understand gaps in support for specific market sectors
  • connect investors to startups organically

Why is this needed?

For a startup ecosystem to retain good health and grow, the flow of data, talent, funding, knowledge, and other resources is essential.

This site will help the community:

Map the portland startup ecosystem

Startups, Accelerators, and VCs in Portland often have difficulty figuring out which organizations exist, how they can help, and which ones to work with at their current stage.

An informative directory that has information at a glance can provide context and help with making those decisions

Connect the Siloed Sub-Communities

Startups, events, accelerators, and VCs have created invite-only sub-communities but the efforts of these sub-communities overlap.

A public directory of the sub-communities can help the ecosystem understand who is doing what so we can partner vs. duplicating efforts.

Gather and show meaningful metrics

Currently, there is no definitive information on how many startups Portland has, what stage they are in, what sectors they are in, or what the founder diversity looks like.

Listing the startups and pulling metrics on them will allow our community to measure, understand, and take action to address gaps in the ecosystem.

Our Team

Our  volunteer team uses their respective skills to help grow the Portland startup ecosystem.

S. Slade Sundar


PDX by way of Silicon Valley. Former undercover startup fixer. Hands-on strategic leader for growth-stage startups. Ops, Tech, People, Brand, Biz Dev.

Lori Witzel

Community Content

PDX by way of ATX. Product marketing and content for SaaS and Cloud, full-spectrum marketing leader for seed-stage to growth-stage startups.

This could be you!


Use your skills to help grow the startup community! Benefits include building a PDX network, gaining visibility, and helping the community!

Interested in helping the PDX Startup community?